Excellent Companion David Anthony Westall

Some extracts from the messages and condolences received following the sad passing of Excellent Companion David Anthony Westall, M.E. Grand Superintendent.

On behalf of my family and I, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and comments. I have read all of the comments on here, along with messages sent directly with a tear in my eye and a proudness in my mind. All of you knew him as a friend, a companion, a guide and MEGS, I just knew him as “Dad”. I look forward to meeting with some of you next week so we can celebrate Dad’s life together.
Thank you once again, Darren.
Darren Westall

David was a true Mason, considerate, polite, friendly and never too busy to help and offer advice. He made this Province what it is today and may it continue. He will be sadly missed and I will always remember when I last saw him in October when he was clearly unwell and I asked him if he was ok and he said ‘nothing that a black coffee can’t fix’ please Ian.
Ian James

Dear David
Many thanks for all the wonderful memories and for setting an outstanding example of masonic values, which I have and always will reflect on.
God Bless you and keep you.
Brian A Smith

On behalf of the Virtue & Hope Chapter No. 237 and myself, I offer our sincere condolences on the very sad passing of Excellent Companion David Westall.
He was always cheerful and friendly when he visited our Chapter. He was never too busy to speak to a Companion, or to give help and advice when asked.
David was a gentleman and an inspiration to all who knew him. He will be sadly missed.
Rest in peace.
John Aylward

He led and we followed but we didn’t follow because we thought we “Ought” him. We followed because we very much “Wanted” to follow him. He will be greatly missed. A great leader and a beloved friend to us all.
Howard Phillips

On behalf of the Atholl Chapter 1752, I write to express our great sadness at the loss of our MEGS. The Companions knew him as an excellent leader, a kind hearted gentleman and as an outstanding individual who gave encouragement to all. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.
Andrew Wood
Atholl Chapter No.1752

Our MEGS David Anthony Westall. A true friend, a gentleman and leader of our wonderful order. Sincere condolences to David’s family. David will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.We are indebted to you for the past 8 years as our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
The Duke of York Chapter

Our late M.E.G.S was, quite simply, a pleasure to be with. Sadly I got to know him better only recently, whilst driving him occasionally around the Province – although I knew him also as a Member of the Marco Polo Club of “Travelling Daves” on our annual visits to Teffi Lodge in Cardigan. He was always kind, courteous and encouraging, as well as humorous too. He will be remembered with great fondness. May I also give my condolences to his family.
David “Dave” Franklin

Thanks for the memories
for all that you have done,
for how you saw our order
and for all that you begun,

Thanks for the memories
of our travels far and wide,
of the red bag and the banter
with you Sir by our side,

Thanks for the memories
far too many to recall,
from Tablers and from Masons
thanks to you we had a ball,

So farewell David
we will miss you,
and thank you so much.

Rest in peace David,
Tony Hilliard

A Gentleman, A Dear Friend, Brother and Companion will be solely and truly missed and I will long-remember David as a well-respected, kind, and considerate Friend, who always expressed sincerity in His welcoming smile.
His dedication and enthusiasm showed respect and concern for the welfare of those He came into contact with from all walks of life.
His untimely passing will indeed leave a void in the lives of so many. It has been a privilege to have known Him. May David Rest in Peace.
Gerald W. Davis.

Following the sad news of your Grand Superintendents passing I trust the Province is coming to terms with this sad loss.
Excellent Companion David will be greatly missed by us all, he was a true Gentleman and an example for all Freemasons to follow.
I have a prior work commitment on Friday which I am having great difficulty to reschedule, it is therefore with much regret that I am unable to pay my final respects to David and give support to his family at this sad time.
I will be thinking of you all on Friday.
John Reid
Grand Superintendent of Wiltshire

I was very greatly saddened to hear the news that we have lost our dear friend and Companion David. He was a wonderful friend to me over many years and I will miss him enormously as I am sure you all will in the Province and in the Order as a whole. It would have been my earnest wish to attend Davis’s funeral but, unfortunately, I have a prior family commitment and other engagements which prevent me from being with you on Friday to pay my last respects to a wonderful man.
If at all possible, I would be grateful if my condolences could be passed to David’s family at the same time letting them know that, in life, he was an inspiration and that although he has passed from our view, he will never be forgotten by us all in the Royal Arch.
John Saint
Past Grand Superintendent Warwickshire

A real gent who had all the time in the world to listen, he will be so sadly missed may he rest in peace god bless.
Terry Gordon

I did so enjoy my year as Steward and will always remember your encouragement and support. An excellent example to us all. Rest in Peace.
John Lunn

‘David A. Westall’, the name, the man, the Mason will always be remembered at the Gnoll Chapter, as he was the most helpful, easy going, gently assertive and most certainly one of the most highly respected ‘Exec’s of his day.
He had time for everyone.
Geoff Thomas

We are so saddened to hear that even though he fought courageously to the end and perhaps inevitably against the odds, we have lost E Comp David to the Grand Chapter Above. The news of his passing comes as a great shock nonetheless – a dear friend who will be so sorely missed. On behalf of the Executive and the Companions of the Royal Arch Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire, we send our sincere condolences to you all and to Davis’s immediate family.

I shall always remember his kindness and warmth of his welcome on my visits to Cardiff – it was always good to see him in Northampton on those occasions whenever he could make it

Our thoughts and prayers are with you; may TTALGMH now ensure that he rests in peace. God bless.

Wayne Williams
Grand Superintendent Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire

On a stewards Duty with David I remarked one evening “As MEGS, what’s it like to be a legend in your own lifetime?”. Of course his quick remark was “Lunchtime Bryan, lunchtime.” Lovely Man. RIP David
Bryan Waddell

He was an inspiration to me and always had a kindly word of help and encouragement. He will be sadly missed, but will be forever remembered.
Stuart Hancock

Many thanks for your support over the years. WE will all miss you. RIP
Ray Cope

David was an inspiration to many companions, always ready with a cheery smile and a kind word of encouragement. A true brother to all who knew him, rest in eternal peace
W.Bro Derek W Butler PPJGD

A wonderful Mason and an example to us all. We will all miss him.
Rest in Peace and rise gain in Glory
David J. Davies

What a Lovely man. Always had time not just for me but for everybody he met. Good friend and will be sadly missed by all that knew him. Condolences to all the family at this sad time. You said David you would like to see me in the chair and I’m going to do it. I know you will still be up there supporting me as you always did. God bless you RIP David a true friend to all.
Ian Rogers

On behalf of St. David’s Chapter No.679 and myself, may I offer our deepest condolences at the very sad passing of E. Comp David Westall. He was last welcomed at Aberdare on 21st March 2016 and, as always, made time to put everyone at ease. A greatly respected & true Mason, he will be sadly missed throughout the Province.
Roger Griffiths (Scribe E)

I was deeply sorry to hear the news of David’s passing. It was a great privilege to have been his friend. Whenever I think of him I see his smile, his sense of humour and his warm personality. He personified dedication to the Royal Arch and, a deep scrupulous sense of fairness and accuracy.
Dr Paul Calderwood

So saddened by the loss of someone who did so much to encourage and inspire us. A true gentleman, he rose to the heights, but never forgot his roots. Rest in peace.
Paul Bartley

Grieving privately at the loss of a good friend and a truly Excellent Companion.
E.Comp. Peter Allan Taylor, MEGS of the Royal Arch Province of Shropshire

Sir, It was my pleasure to be your Steward last year, I had a great active year thanks to your support and friendship. You will be sadly missed by all. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. God bless.
Stephen Elworthy

A most welcoming and inspirational Freemason who will be greatly missed by us all.
Naunton Liles

E.Companion David was an Inspiration; Mentor and close friend. It was a great Honour and Privilege to be part of his team for many years. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
David J.Suter

Oh dear David, how we all missed you on Friday evening at Hendre Chapter, but your spirit was with us. We will continue to support your legacy of good works, God bless.
E.Comp. John Pillinger

I would just like say that as a humble Master Mason it was a great privellage and pleasure to have the opportunity to chat to our E.Companion David. I always found him to be a very kind and generous Gentleman. A great inspiration in both Craft and Chapter. Not to be forgotten. Please pass on my sincere condolences to all the family.
Sheldon and Fay Rees. Llanilltud Fawr. 8644.
William Sheldon Rees

I first met E.Comp David when I was installed into the 1st Principal’s chair in 2015. Prior to the actual ceremony he put me completely at ease with his kind words and cheerful nature and smile. If mistakes were made he never “tut-tuted” but gave encouragement to carry on – a true Companion & Brother. My condolences to his family and friends.
Excellent Companion David Russell Cooper

David was a great friend who will be sadly missed by me and all who new him. He was a warm and generous person who always had words of encouragement for others.
Michael J McNiff

Our Grand Superintendent now lies at rest.
He was our North, our South, our East and West.
The friend of man, the friend of truth, The friend of age and guide of youth.
Few hearts, like his, with virtue warmed
Few heads with knowledge so informed.
If there’s another world, he lies in bliss.
If there’s not he made the best of this.

A gentle man, a Tabler too,
Without a doubt, a brother true,
Inspiration, mentor, counsellor, due
To countless others, to me, to you.

RIP David
William J C Thomas

David – A wonderful Mason and always courteous and kind to me. You will be sadly missed. God bless.
Alan Hulbert

His winning smile cheered everyone. He went out of his way to make people feel welcome and was always keen to help anyone. He had that gift of only seeing the good in everyone. We shall miss him deeply.
Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards

So saddened to hear the very sad news of the passing of our M.E.G.S. E. Comp David Anthony Westall. He is a shining light in Royal Arch freemasonary, It is he who stood head and shoulders above all others in making the Royal Arch enjoyable for every one involved. We will remember him for his humour and leadership.Also for his pride and appreciation of what his Chapters are achieving in South Wales.
Rest in peace dear friend. God bless you.
Gren Johnson, Fforest Chapter

Our friend and much respected Grand Superintendent sojourns towards a distant home, where he will be met with love and respect. We, who are left behind, are better people and Freemasons for having known him and to have had our lives touched by his leadership and wise counsel. The Executive and all members of the Craft in South Wales and beyond, mourn the loss of David and offer our prayers for the soul of our faithful departed Brother. May he rest in eternal peace.
Gerald Rowbottom

It was with great sadness that I learnt of E. C. David’s Passing, He was an inspiration to myself and I am sure everyone else that he met. We as a Province and as Companions shall miss  his reassuring words, his kindness, his sense of humour and of course his dedication to HRA Masonry. My personal condolences along with those of the Chapter go to his family in this distressing time.  May he rest in peace.
Peter Taylor
First Principle, The Chapter of Three Pillars

Simply the nicest man in South Wales Freemasonry. A real gentleman, and will be greatly missed by all.
Vic Harris

E.Comp. David A. Westall, MEGS had the unique ability to be dignified and warm in office, and readily approachable that left everyone he met whether they be Senior or Junior in rank with a great and special feeling that they mattered equally. His personality and humility added lustre to the Province of South Wales and to freemasonry in general, and to the human race in particular.
Martin C. Richardson

Goodbye David. It will be a long time before anyone as understanding, compassionate, patient and influential as you, illuminates my life again.
Gerwyn Evans

Ex Comp David was a one-off, a very humble and courteous man, who had that unique quality of; “Once met you regarded him as a Friend”, he was very highly respected & admired by all who knew him in Royal Arch, Craft & beyond, he will leave a huge void, and will be very much missed & lamented.
Ex Comp Gary RJ Downes PGStdB

I was privileged to be Initiated into the Lodge of Round Table when David was Immediate Past Master. His advice and encouragement on Masonic ritual and etiquette were of great benefit to me as I took my first steps in Freemasonry.
On being Exalted into the Chapter of Round Table, I was again lucky to have David as a member of my Chapter where he gave the congratulatory address as Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and later presented me with my Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate.
David could always be counted on to give warm encouragement and, where necessary, friendly and constructive criticism to help any Brother or Companion to become the best Mason that they could possibly be.
I shall miss that glint in his eye and, his genuine love for Freemasonry, and his fatherly care for those newer and less experienced members, who he always went out of his way to help.
We were all counting on having David’s company for a lot longer, and whilst he has left us far too soon, his memory and impact will last a lifetime.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Thank you, David.
Comp James Forbes Keir

David’s humour, his smile, his laugh, the twinkle in his eye, the knowing look, that persuaded many of us, his Companions, to support him and the Royal Arch. A light would turn on as he entered a room or a temple. We miss him, feeling that the light has gone out. In his memory and exactly as he would want, we will put that light back on, and it will be brighter and better yet.
Gwilym Jones

Deeply saddened and shocked to hear the passing of our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion David Anthony Westall. All our thoughts and Prayers are with his Family and Friends at this difficult time. May you rest in peace. From all Brethren of the Fforest Lodge 2606
Karl Frowen

I have known David for so many years that I cannot remember how long. We knew each other when I was a perambulating Steward in Province and we helped Found a Chapter together. It has been a pleasure to count him as a friend and I will miss his companionship immensely.  An outstanding Freemason in every sense of the word and a great loss for the Province and Freemasonry in general. May God grant you a special place in his Heavenly Mansion.
John H E Gibbs

A good friend – someone who loved life and a good joke… characters like David are sadly missed.
Mo Misra

On behalf of Llantwit Major Chapter 9241 and myself, I wish to express our deepest sorrow and commiseration at the passing of such an outstanding man, Mason and leader as was E Comp David Westall. He was viewed with fraternal respect and affection by us all and will be long missed.
Roger E W Andrews

E.Comp. David, a colleague and close friend for the last fifteen years. It was a privilege and pleasure to support him as his Deputy. A true gentleman who will be sadly missed. God bless David.
Colin Weatherall

I was with the greatness of sadness that I received the news of David’s passing. He was a totally committed and passionate leader of the Royal Arch in the Province of South Wales and much loved by the Companions for the way he discharged those responsibilities. He had that rare gift of making everyone feel they were the most important person in the room. He was one of a kind who will be greatly missed.
Sir Paul Williams

I am so very sorry to hear the sad news of E.Companion Davids’ passing to the Grand Chapter above. He was a true Mason and Gentleman who found time to speak to everybody. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to all his Family. R.I.P. David.
E.Comp. Keith Harries

I will miss you Sir, you were where always so kind and patient with me giving such good advise. Hopefully you are at peace now and journeying with Alistair and the great Architect of the Universe.
Andy Thomas

E.Comp. David, It is my honour to meet you Sir. Still remember you invested me with my Royal Arch jewel 2 years ago, now I’m slowly progressing through and witnessed my latest appointment as S.N.. You are such a kind and amazing gentleman. You will be missed by everyone of us in the Province, particularly in our Chapter.
Comp. Chun Yin Chak, Scribe N Virtue and Hope 237

Quite simply Masonry and HRA in particular has lost a legend in our life time – David led with huge distinction and was one we could all look up to. Lost but he will never be forgotten.
Kevin Hearne

Our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Companion David, brought not only his sound knowledge of the HRA to the Province of South Wales, he communicated warmth and friendship to all his Companions, and friends from Provinces through England and Wales. Our sincere condolences go out to David’s family at this very sad time. David will always in our thoughts.
Phillip Aubrey, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal. South Wales.

I have been spending a few days with my daughter and children in Northhamptonshire. On opening my emails on Wednesday night, I felt really ill when opening your email to find David Anthony Westall had passed away. David and I were Prov Dep GDC together for a number of years and became very good friends, its hard to say how I feel I will miss him and I am sure you and all at the office will also, in fact the province will mourn his loss for years to come. May he rest in peace in the hands of the heavenly farther  for ever. My deepest condolences go out to all his family and kin.
Yours, Fred Lamnea.

On behalf of all the Companions of Llantwit Major Chapter, we offer our sincere condolences at this very sad time.
S&F, Tony Fraser

As First Principle of the Gnoll Chapter , in Neath. We had the honour of David visiting our chapter earlier this year. He was a warm, inviting and very amiable man who put us all at ease. His loss will be greatly felt by all.
Hywel Miles

It is with the utmost sadness that I have to report that David died early this morning.
He was such a lovely man, a great Tabler and without doubt a fantastic Mason who has been an inspiration and friend not just to me but to countless others and will be sorely missed.
I know that our thoughts and prayers will be with his family at this time.
I will advise you of the funeral details as soon as I know them.
Fraternal regards with a heavy heart
Duncan Kennedy

Please accept the condolences of all those at SGC on the passing of your Grand Superintendent, David Westall, early this morning.
Sadly it is my role within the Secretariat to deal with the administration of these matters within Adelphi
I apologise for having to ask at such a raw moment, but please be advised we are all thinking of you and your office at such a sad time.
Kind regards
Michael Forsdick (SLGR, LGCR)
Administrator, UGLE Secretariat.

Firstly may I express my sincere condolences on the sad lose of David, I am sure Graham [our MEGS] will be writing to the family on behalf of both himself and the province..
Yours S&F
Provincial Scribe E – Gloucestershire & Herefordshire

Excellent Companion David Anthony Westall, has sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above today, the 21st of November 2017.
Excellent Companion David was our Most Excellent Grand Superintendant from 2009, and was recently admitted to hospital.
He was held with such high regard and esteem, and the warmth of his friendship was enjoyed by many in the Province.
His advice and guidance was certainly a help to the Companions in Office over many years, including many Provincial Officers.
He will be sadly missed by all who knew him, and our thoughts & prayers go out to his family at this very sad time
Keri J. Evans

I join you and all the Provincial team during this sad time. Please offer our deepest sympathies to the family.
Personally our MEGS will always be considered as a friend and true gentleman. I have the utmost respect for David, and consider his passing as a truly great loss. I am deeply saddened by the news.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Simon Bellhouse

On behalf of all the Companions of the Talygarn Chapter I send our deepest and sincerest condolences. Such a sad loss to us all.
In fraternity

On behalf of the Grand Superintendent E. Comp David Hodgetts and the Province of Guernsey & Alderney may we offer our deepest sympathy at this very sad time, you are all in our thoughts & prayers.
Kind regards,
Andrew Sparks PGStB
Provincial Grand Scribe E – Guernsey & Alderney

Devastated by the news of E.Comp. David’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with you and all at Provincial Office.
David James Brown

This news comes as a terrible shock. The whole Province must feel the same. Please pass on my condolences to David’s family.
Yours S&F,
Steve Adam

We were all saddened to here the news of your MEGS David Westall. E Comp David Pascoe and all members of the Province of Cornwall send their sincere condolences to his family and friends and also the members of your Province.
Yours S&F
PrGScE Cornwall

I was deeply saddened to hear earlier in the week, that David Westall had passed to the Grand Chapter above. I had the great pleasure of knowing him for many years and always enjoyed his sense of humour and being in his company. I know that he will be sadly missed by all who knew him, both inside and outside of Freemasonry.
Please pass on my sincere condolences to David’s family at what, I am sure, must be a very difficult time for all of them.
Kind regards,
S and F,
Alan Berman
Grand Superintendent – Hampshire and the Isle of Wight