“Last year my little girl phoebe had to have 3 teeth taken out under general anaesthetic in Torbay hospital. She was so nervous before and as the nurse was explained about the magic gas and what flavour to choose she brought out a TLC teddy and put a tiny mask on the teddy to show how it fitted. Phoebe started to laugh and the nurse asked why. She said that her dad was a Freemason and helped to buy the teddy’s to give out. It’s great as a mason to see TLC in action first hand.”

TLC-Teddy“What an amazing idea this is with the teddies. Our little girl asleep now with her teddy she’s called Tinkerbell. She hasn’t put the teddy down since we’ve got back from A&E. She hates doctors and nurses but when she had this teddy from the lovely doctor she calmed right down and let the doctors see what was wrong. Thank you for the amazing idea.”

TLC-testimonial-2“Thank you…this was the only way we could get my daughter to keep her mask on was if Teddy could have one too…x”

TLC-testimonial-3“This is my 4 yr old son who had a nasty accident trapping his thumb in the caravan door whilst on an Easter Break in Wales. The excellent care and treatment he received at Llandudno General Hospital (Minor Injuries) was second to none and the bear he received made a HUGE difference (even bandaged too)! I’ve not heard of this scheme before but after posting on here about it many friends said their children had benefitted and my Dad who is a Mason confirmed it’s yourselves who fund it. So thank you! I just came across the info by chance in your YouTube clip, as I run a flood support charity and your West Riding branch has just helped us. So thanks, keep up all the great work.”

TLC-testimonial-4“I’m not sure who would have been responsible for raising the funds, volunteering time, or organising to get this little teddy to the heartlands children’s a and e in Birmingham. But thank you. It’s made a massive difference. My daughter has complex health issues and even though she has just turned 4 has been in hospital appointments more then most have in their whole lives. As a result of tests, and more tests she is so scared of the hospital. With the help of the play therapist and this little bear it made the experience so much more positive. She had broken her wrist, and was both in pain and frightened having to be gently coaxed, this teddy gave her a little friend to cuddle, It’s such an amazing and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you all xxx”