Chapters meeting today Tuesday 27th September 2022

Chapter of Progress No. 7928 (Swansea)

Chapters meeting tomorrow Wednesday 28th September 2022

Llynfi No. 2965 (Maesteg)
R.P. St. John Charles No. 6466 (Swansea)

Chapters meeting in the following 7 days

Thursday 29th September 2022 Friday 30th September 2022 Saturday 1st October 2022
Dovey No. 2720 (Cardiff)
Sunday 2nd October 2022 Monday 3rd October 2022
Glantawe No. 5378 (Swansea)
Hendry Pendrill Charles No. 3769 (Caerphilly)
Tuesday 4th October 2022
Cambrensis No. 6608 (Cardiff)
Wednesday 5th October 2022