Excellent Companion D. Gerald Rowbottom – Grand Superintendent

58 year old Leo, born and educated in Swansea.

Joined the Army aged 16, serving from 1988 to 1998.

Degree in Politics from University of Wales and Open University.

Initiated: 1988 (aged 26), WM first in 1994, aged 32.

Grand Officer since 2008 (aged 46), APGM (aged 51) & WM on 5 occasions.

Exalted: 1990 (aged 28) 1st Principal first in 1997, aged 34.

Supreme Grand Chapter Officer since 2009 (aged 47) GSupt since 2017 – aged 55 1st Principal on 5 occasions of 5 separate Chapters.

Rugby Team: Wales
Food: Sunday Roast
Music: Eclectic; from Sinatra to Queen to Edward Elgar…
Musical: The Phantom of the Opera
Author: John Le Carre
Film: Godfather 2
TV serial: Hannibal
Place: Horse Guards Parade
Quality in others: Loyalty & Honesty