TLC – How it works

The appeal works well due to its simplicity. Donations can be made by individual lodges perhaps holding an annual Teddy raffle, brethren donating and buy TLC merchandise, such as Teddy lapel pins which enables us to purchase the Teddies which are then donated direct to each A&E hospital.

It’s nice and simple.

Benefits to the community in general

Experience in hospitals in other Provinces has clearly demonstrated that the Teddies have proven beneficial effects on the children admitted, by reducing their distress and alleviating the fear of being in a strange environment and treated by a complete stranger.

The Teddies are used in various ways:

  • As a simple tool for the Staff to befriend the child with
  • For the Child to cuddle
  • As a reward for being brave
  • For Staff to demonstrate what they are going to do and communicate through the Bear

The Benefits for Freemasonry

The appeal is a Masonic initiative and no reward is sought. The simplicity of the appeal benefits Freemasonry by raising our profile in a positive way through our positive involvement in our community.

Each teddy comes with a tag ‘DONATED BY LOCAL FREEMASONS’ which provides continuous evidence of the principles of freemasonry in practice.

Launch Event

The South Wales TLC Appeal Scheme was launched at Sure and Stedfast Lodge No. 8991 on Saturday 24th September 2016 at Cardiff Masonic Hall, with a presentation by TLC Appeal Founder & Chairman Ian Simpson.

TLC South Wales Committee

The Provincial Grand Master RWBro Gareth Jones OBE and the Provincial Executive have fully endorsed and wholeheartedly support and welcome the launch of TLC throughout South Wales. A TLC South Wales Committee has been established, under the care of Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Roger Richmond, comprising of:

Chairman: Colin Grey, email:
Treasurer: Andrew Thomas
Secretary: Nick Evans

Local Distributors


Colin Grey


Peter Williams


Andrew Thomas

Jason Agostini Green

Secretary – Nicholas Evans