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Y Dalaith, January 2018

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Y Dalaith issue No.66, January 2018 here.

Y Dalaith, Sepetmber 2017

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Y Dalaith issue No.65, Sepetmber 2017 here.

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Y Dalaith, which translates as, The Province is the official magazine of the Masonic Province of South Wales, and is published in January, April and September each year. Its motto – O Frawd i Frawd, (From Brother to Brother), is intended to remind all Brethren that this is their magazine, with stories from all over the Province and from all degrees.

It was originally intended as a Craft magazine, when it was first published, some 20 years ago, as a 12 page, black and white edition, but over the years it has grown into its present format of up to 40 pages, all in full colour, and now has pages specifically for the Royal Arch and Mark Master Masons degrees. Other degrees are also able to arrange for their stories to be included, as and when these occur.

Contributions are most welcome from all Masons, as the magazine is designed to give information, instruction and entertainment, to all its readers. We have Reporters in every Masonic Hall area, who are available to give help in the preparation of copy and will also arrange for that copy to be transmitted to our Editor for insertion. We also have Anthony Howell, our own Photographer, who is available to take the pictures of those special occasions, if required, so if you have a particular story you feel would be suitable for the Y Dalaith and require further information on how to do this, please contact either our Chairman or Editor, Roger David. The address, telephone number and email address for either, are printed on the bottom of page two of every issue of Y Dalaith.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally,

Don Jones
Chairman – Y Dalaith magazine