Provincial Grand Membership Officer – W.Bro. Simon Daniel, ProvGMO, PAGDC

“I have the privilege of being The Provincial Grand Membership Officer, but membership is everyone’s responsibility. We can’t just assume others in our lodges will act.”
W.Bro Simon Daniel, ProvGMO, PAGDC

W.Bro Simon became Grand Membership Office for Craft & Royal Arch in January 2022. He has a small team of dedicated, hard-working Brethren who assist him in running the membership program with our Province.

Simon says: “Put simply, we must enjoy what we do… otherwise why do it? I believe that Brethren enjoying their Freemasonry and each others company, is the best method of attracting and keeping members. We must never forget this.”

“We have survived for over 300 years with our traditional methods but always embraced and used new ideas. Now is the time that we face great pressure on our membership, so we must adapt to the circumstances. We will do this, as we have done in the past.”

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