Provincial Junior Grand Warden – W.Bro. Duncan Kennedy

W.Bro. Duncan Kennedy has this year been honoured with the appointment of Provincial Junior Grand Warden for the Province of South Wales. He eagerly anticipates a year of travelling the Province in his new capacity, providing support to the Provincial Grand Master and occasionally representing him.

Initiated into Loyal Sportsman Lodge No. 9197 in 1994, W.Bro. Duncan’s journey in the Craft began. His affiliation extended to the Lodge of Round Table No. 9549 in 1996, where he not only found a place among the brethren but also led as Master in 2002 and once more in 2010. In the Provincial Grand Lodge, his contributions were acknowledged with the appointment of Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2008. These experiences left him appreciative of the opportunities to serve and connect with fellow brethren, and looks forward to the coming year and meeting many more.

A founding member of St John of Jerusalem Lodge No. 10024, W.Bro. Duncan’s dedication is evident through his roles as secretary and charity steward of the Lodge of Round Table. Additionally, he holds the position of Director of Ceremonies for the St John of Jerusalem Lodge, showcasing his multifaceted involvement and commitment to the craft.

In the Royal Arch, his journey continued as he was exalted into the Chapter of Round Table in 1998 and later assumed the mantle of 1st Principal in 2005. Recognised for his contributions, he was appointed Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in Provincial Grand Chapter in 2009 and was recently appointment as the Provincial Grand Membership Officer for Royal Arch. Holding the role of Scribe E for the Chapter of Round Table and serving as a joining member and Director of Ceremonies for Penarth Chapter No. 4113, W.Bro. Duncan’s commitment to the Royal Arch remains unwavering.

As Provincial Junior Grand Warden, he stands ready to further his contributions and continue fostering connections across the Province.