Provincial Grand Lodge 2016 Reports

Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

Download a pdf of the Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

Provincial Grand Registrar’s Report

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Provincial Grand Almoner’s Report

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Report of the Provincial General Purposes Committee

The Provincial General Purposes Committee, consequent to the Report of the Provincial Grand Treasurer, recommended that the annual dues payable to Provincial Grand Lodge be increased by 50 pence to £13.00 (plus VAT) per Subscribing Member and that there be no change in any of the other charges made to Lodge.

The Committee further recommended that the charge for the Provincial Year Book remain at £5.00 per copy and that they continue to be distributed on the basis of one copy for every Two subscribing Lodge Members. The Committee also recommended that charges made to other Orders and Degrees remain at £18.00 (plus VAT) per page.

The Report of the Provincial General Purposes Committee was duly received and adopted.

Provincial Membership Officer’s Report

The Provincial Membership Officer W.Bro. Neil Evans, gave a comprehensive verbal report on the new role of the Lodge Membership Officer and the introduction of the Members Pathway.

He focussed on the eleven point document highlighting in particular points one to six which encompassed the profiling of both the lodge and it’s ideal candidates through to the interviewing of suitable applicants and the composition and duties of the recommended interview panel.

He emphasised the need to embrace change and suggested that all lodges implement the pathway process as best practice, it’s mechanism was a vital component in our future and was critical in addressing falling numbers and promoting future growth.

He stated that it was his intention to visit lodges throughout the Province and encouraged recruitment events and pro active recruitment.

Provincial Grand Masters Address

Download a pdf of the PGM’s Address to Provincial Grand Lodge Committee: May 2016