Provincial Appointments and Investitures at Lord Swansea Chapter

At today’s meeting of Lord Swansea Chapter No. 8364, the First Principal, E. Comp. John Theophilus Jenkins Davies, announced that the Companions were honoured to elect; E.Comp. Phillip Anthony Aubrey as First Principal, E. Comp. Julian Thomas Lynne Rees as Second Principal and E.Comp. Richard Michael Coombes as Third Principal.

E. Comp. John Theophilus Jenkins Davies, First Principal “Called off” the meeting, to receive the M.E. Grand Superintendent and his Provincial Officers to conduct Especial Business.

The following nine Provincial Grand Chapter Officers were appointed and invested:

  • E.Comp. R. Michael Coombes as Deputy Grand Superintendent.
  • E. Comp. Martyn. P Wake as Second Provincial Grand Principal.
  • E.Comp. J. Lyndon Howells as Third Provincial Grand Principal.
  • E. Comp. Philip Bevan as Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals.
  • E. Comp. Arwyn Reynolds as Provincial Grand Almoner.
  • E. Comp. Merrick Jones as Provincial Grand Charity Steward.
  • E.Comp. A. Duncan Kennedy as Provincial Grand Membership Officer.
  • E. Comp. Karl Frowen as Provincial Grand Communications Officer.
  • E. Comp. Ian Jones as Provincial Grand Mentor.

E.Comp R. Michael Coombes, Deputy Grand Superintendent

We offer our Sincere Congratulations to those newly appointed and wish them every success in their new Provincial Grand Chapter Offices. Provincial Grand Chapter was then closed in due form and Lord Swansea Chapter was “Called On” to conduct the remainder of its business.