Letter from the Provincial Grand Master & Grand Superintendent – March 17th 2020

The below letter from the Provincial Grand Master & Grand Superintendent
was sent on 17 March 2020

Dear Brother and Companion,

You will by now have seen or heard about the Grand Master’s decision to suspend all Masonic meetings for the next 4 months. In view of prevailing circumstances and the Government’s advice, we are sure you will agree with us that this is absolutely the right course of action in order to protect our members and their families.

These are extraordinary times which call for calm and significant amounts of consideration for others. Our fraternity is very well placed to look after our brethren, their families and others in our communities and we would urge all lodges and chapters to keep in touch with their members to see if there is any practical help which can be provided, especially to the most vulnerable in these trying times. There are already some wonderful examples of this taking place around the Province.

It will seem very strange to be prevented from attending our meetings over the next 4 months, but we will provide further advice and guidance on how, once we are meeting again, we can make arrangements to deal with ceremonies missed between now and July. The Provincial Committee meeting and our Annual General Meetings will not take place in May and June as normal, but all those who have been informed of appointments or promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge or Chapter may assume their new ranks on 27 June. We will hold scaled down versions of our annual meetings later in the year and find ways of celebrating members’ preferments if we can, possibly linked to our annual church service on 17 October.

Communications will be more important than ever during these difficult times, so please do keep a constant eye on our website. I hope that, as well as regular news items, our Provincial Grand Orator will provide interesting articles from and references to Solomon; that our Provincial Grand Almoner will keep us all informed of brethren who may need a little extra help or who are ill; and that our Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works will keep us informed about the health and wellbeing of our Masonic Halls, which face particular challenges. Other Provincial Officers such as the Provincial Grand Secretary/Scribe E., Provincial Membership Officers and Provincial Grand Charity Steward will send you information related to their areas of responsibility, and we are sure you will find these communications to be of interest.

Most importantly of all brethren, we wish you and your loved ones well. Be under no illusion, we will get through this and we will all meet again in the not too distant future, stronger as an organization than ever before. May the Great Architect of the Universe bless you.

Provincial Grand Master

Grand Superintendent

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Please note that if you know of any members that do not have an email address – please endevour to pass this message on where possible.