Keeping it in the family – a triple exaltation at RP St John Charles Chapter

On Wednesday 26th of September the R P St John Charles Chapter, Swansea, by dispensation exalted three new Companions, which in itself is a rare event. What made this even more special is that the three candidates are all from the same Craft Lodge and all from the same family.

All Past Masters of Sketty Hall Lodge, Companions Alan Owen and his two sons Richard and
David were Exalted in excellent fashion by the Three Principals and Officers of the Chapter. The Chapter was honoured and delighted to welcome The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent D. Gerald Rowbottom into the Chapter to witness this unique occasion. Also in attendance was Excellent Companion Michael Coombes, Assistant to the Principals.

All those who witnessed the ceremony afterwards enjoyed a lovely festive board with a warm family atmosphere.
Pictured are the three Principals, E. Comps Gerald Davies, Kevin Mitchell and Adrian Parker with the three candidates and accompanied by The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent.