Executive Reports

Provincial Grand Master’s Address to Provincial Grand Lodge – 26th June 2017

Brethren, thank you for your attendance here this afternoon and may I reiterate my grateful thanks to all our distinguished guests for their continued support and friendship and for coming in such large numbers to help us celebrate our annual meeting. Some have travelled long distances and we very much appreciate their presence here today.

May I also take this opportunity of thanking my Deputy, Assistants and all my Provincial Officers of last year for their sterling work in representing me and supporting the Executive members with sound administration, solid finances and attendances at installations and many domestic and special occasions. The lodges’ warm welcome and unstinting hospitality has been constant throughout the year and I have been greatly heartened by what I have seen and the reports I have received. (more…)

Provincial Grand Lodge 2017 Reports

Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

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Provincial Grand Registrar’s Report

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Provincial Grand Almoner’s Report

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Provincial Grand Masters Address to Grand Committee, May 2017

Brethren, first of all may I thank all of you for attending here this evening. This is an important meeting in our Provincial calendar as it gives us the opportunity to present the progress we are making as a Province, outline some of the challenges we face, and discuss – and I use that word advisedly brethren – a few issues of concern which we might address in the coming year. Every lodge should be represented here today and I trust you will take back to your brethren all of the matters we talk about today, though I have to say that has not always been the case in the past. I have often raised an issue with a Worshipful Master during the year – getting away from early starts for Installations is a good case in point – only to find that he has had no knowledge of what I have said at a Provincial committee meeting and that it has not been brought to the attention of the lodge or its committee, even though the address appears online and is printed in full in the Provincial yearbook. Please make sure your lodge members have an opportunity to discuss and debate issues that are covered today.

Brethren, a huge thank you must go to my Executive and the Provincial team for all their support and contributions this year. And I want to express my and my Executive’s grateful thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality we have enjoyed on all of our visits to your lodges. As well as Installations, we have attended domestic meetings and a number of special celebratory occasions since we last met and the Provincial teams have always come away from those meetings with happy hearts and a warm feeling about the fraternal bond which makes our Craft so important to us all. (more…)

Provincial Grand Master’s Address – 27th June 2016

Presented at Provincial Grand Lodge on 27th June 2016

Brethren, the main purpose of our meeting today is to celebrate the end of our masonic year by honouring those whose contributions now – and in the future – have merited appointments or promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge. To all of you so honoured today, my warm congratulations; and as we always say on these occasions, your new rank is meant not only to recognise past achievements, but also to act as an earnest to efforts to come in leading your lodges to a successful future. Brethren, we have much work to do to ensure the future of our Craft and I hope that your preferments today will encourage you to take leading roles in driving forward Grand Lodge’s and this Province’s plans. (more…)

Provincial Grand Lodge 2016 Reports

Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

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Provincial Grand Registrar’s Report

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Provincial Grand Almoner’s Report

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Report of the Provincial General Purposes Committee

The Provincial General Purposes Committee, consequent to the Report of the Provincial Grand Treasurer, recommended that the annual dues payable to Provincial Grand Lodge be increased by 50 pence to £13.00 (plus VAT) per Subscribing Member and that there be no change in any of the other charges made to Lodge.

The Committee further recommended that the charge for the Provincial Year Book remain at £5.00 per copy and that they continue to be distributed on the basis of one copy for every Two subscribing Lodge Members. The Committee also recommended that charges made to other Orders and Degrees remain at £18.00 (plus VAT) per page.

The Report of the Provincial General Purposes Committee was duly received and adopted.

Provincial Membership Officer’s Report

The Provincial Membership Officer W.Bro. Neil Evans, gave a comprehensive verbal report on the new role of the Lodge Membership Officer and the introduction of the Members Pathway.

He focussed on the eleven point document highlighting in particular points one to six which encompassed the profiling of both the lodge and it’s ideal candidates through to the interviewing of suitable applicants and the composition and duties of the recommended interview panel.

He emphasised the need to embrace change and suggested that all lodges implement the pathway process as best practice, it’s mechanism was a vital component in our future and was critical in addressing falling numbers and promoting future growth.

He stated that it was his intention to visit lodges throughout the Province and encouraged recruitment events and pro active recruitment.

Provincial Grand Masters Address

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Provincial Grand Masters Address, May 2016

Address to Provincial Grand Lodge Committee: May 2016

Good evening brethren and welcome to our annual PGL Committee meeting. I must start by thanking you and your brethren for the warmth of the welcome and hospitality shown to my executive team and me during our visits this year.

Today is our opportunity to discuss matters of administration, process, protocol and ceremonial – all of which would be difficult to do justice to at our annual PGL meeting in Barry in June. As I have said in previous years, and reiterate now, I want this meeting to be informative and interesting, a source of information to take back to your lodges, and a chance to give you a forum in which you can ask questions, make comments and air your views. I want all lodges to have the opportunity to engage properly in the way this Province is run. (more…)

The Masonic Benevolent Fund of South Wales Draft Constitution

Dear Sir and Brother,
In accordance with the provisions of By-Law No. 5 of the Masonic Benevolent Fund of South Wales (Eastern Division), I hereby give you notice that the President has caused a Special Court of Governors to be held on Tuesday 17th November 2015 at the Masonic Hall, Bridgend, Coychurch Road, BRIDGEND, CF31 2AP at 11.30am.
The business is to adopt the new constitution.
Yours sincerely and fraternally,
Peter Hamley, PPrJGW

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