Executive Reports

Provincial Grand Master’s Address – 29th June 2015

Presented at Provincial Grand Lodge on 29th June 2015

Brethren, I have always believed that the main purpose of our meeting today is one of celebration.  And we mark the end of our masonic year by honouring those whose contributions now – and in the future – have merited appointments or promotions in Provincial Grand Lodge.  To all of you so honoured today, my warm congratulations; and as we always say on these occasions, your new rank is meant not only to recognise past achievements, but also to act as an earnest to efforts to come in leading your lodges to a successful future.  Brethren, we have much work to do to ensure the future of our Craft and I hope that your preferments today will encourage you to take leading roles in driving forward Grand Lodge’s and this Province’s plans. (more…)

Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales Accounts 2015

Download a pdf of the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales Accounts 2015 here.

Provincial Grand Masters Address, May 2015

Address to Provincial Grand Lodge Committee: May 2015

Brethren, it is good to see so many of you here this evening for our annual business meeting, during which we have the opportunity to discuss domestic South Wales issues.  It is the one meeting every year when I can set out various issues, issue instructions regarding our Province and lodges and where you can have the opportunity of raising matters of interest and concern to be aired in a safe and friendly environment.  I hope that, following a good start last year, once I have finished my address, you will feel moved to raise any issues you wish.

Let me start by saying how grateful the Executive members are for the very warm welcomes we have enjoyed during our visits to lodges this year.  This is the inaugural year when Grand Officers have provided reports on their lodges and it has been extremely useful to use those as a basis for our assessments of lodges and to have excellent background information on how lodges are doing in advance of our visits.  I am pleased to see that over 80% of Grand Officers believe their lodges  are in good spirits, with high quality standards of ritual, proper attention to standards and a real enthusiasm to tackle the challenges set out in our 7 Point Plan.  They will receive this year’s report form in July and I look forward to seeing even more progress in lodges right across the Province.  The reports I receive from every installation meeting confirm that good performance and I am particularly pleased to hear that, in the main, masters are learning the ritual, not relying overly on notes and providing that wonderful experience for our candidates by looking them in the eye at all times. (more…)

Provincial Grand Master’s Address

Presented at Provincial Grand Lodge on 30th June 2014

Brethren, what a wonderful day we have enjoyed.

I must repeat my grateful thanks to our distinguished visitors whose advice and support I very much appreciate and for their helping to make today so special for the most important of you here, the brethren I have had the great pleasure of appointing and promoting in Provincial Grand Lodge.  It goes without saying that we all congratulate you on your preferment; and I remind you that with these new ranks come new responsibilities.  (more…)

Provincial Grand Master’s Address

Presented to the Provincial Grand Committee on 9th May 2014:

Brethren, good evening and thank you for coming here in such large numbers for our annual business meeting, at which we generally present information on what is going on in the Province, report progress on strategic issues and provide a few helpful pointers for Lodges so that we can continually improve our freemasonry and the Craft.

This has been my first year as your Provincial Grand Master and I must tell you how delighted I have been with the warmth of your welcome at every lodge I have had the pleasure of visiting.  I know that all of my Executive feel the same, so thank you to all brethren who have made this year such an enjoyable one. (more…)