Attention Royal Arch Representatives & Companions All

Let’s be clear from the outset, Master Masons & Past Masters who are not members of the Royal Arch are missing out and it is our responsibility to help them take that step. However, it raises the question what can we do, what can we say when asked about the Royal Arch and equally important, how can we say it?

The messages within the Royal Arch are not always immediately apparent so our role initially is to stimulate further interest and encourage brethren to find out for themselves by joining the Supreme Degree.

We can be most effective in this task by responding to the question in bite sized chunks.

In the Craft we learn many things about the practicalities of life. We are led to explore ourselves and our relationship with others. Without compromising our individual religious beliefs, the Royal Arch helps us explore and understand the nature of our own God and our relationship with Him.

In this way we are better able to understand ourselves.

The Ceremony is considered by many as the most beautiful in Freemasonry. It has a strong historical basis and takes place 500 years after the untimely death of our Master Hiram Abiff.

Craft Masonry sets the standard of behaviour we must all live up to. The Royal Arch takes friendship and brotherhood even further – to Companionship. In the Royal Arch we became Companions on our journey together through life.