‘Unde Venis?’ (‘Whence come you?’) Volume 1 Issue 1


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The editor, W. Bro. Paul Deenik, writes:

Welcome to the first Research newsletter, ‘Unde Venis?’ (‘Whence come you?’).

A little over a year ago, when the Provincial Grand Orator asked me to take the reins as research lead for the L&D Team, I said “yes, absolutely”, “I’m overwhelmed and excited”. I then hung up the phone, and a deep dark sense of foreboding rose from the pits of my stomach. How do I engage an entire province in the field of Masonic Research?

Weeks went by, seasons changed, a mysterious pandemic swept over the world and I thought all was lost. Then, a miracle happened. Zoom materialized out of the ether of the internet. We started talking. Meetings where previously, only local members could attend, opened up to the length and breadth of the country (and indeed the world). The leading purpose of many of these meetings was research and it seemed that the thirst for knowledge in the Brethren attending was more insatiable than ever!

Although the mission statement of this magazine was far less than the finished copy you are now reading, it was always intended to spark debate, engage Brethren and encourage universal collaboration.

It is a Provincial initiative, but as you will see, we have taken elements from Solomon, Lewis Masonic and QCCC to give a broader palette to paint your own canvas of research.

For now though, please enjoy this, the inaugural issue of “Unde Venis?” and begin your journey into the rich history of Freemasonry.

Happy Reading!


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