Solomon – Your Journey of Masonic Learning and Development

In the Autumn edition of Freemasonry Today, Assistant Grand Master and Chairman of the Improvement Delivery Group Sir David Wooton explained how a new online service will allow members to access the learning resources necessary to enjoy Freemasonry to the full. The requirement to learn ritual by rote and then present it without any attempt at providing the most basic of context and understanding fails the candidate, because it overlooks the important messages that lie within. Member surveys have also highlighted learning as a major unmet need and a potential reason why members leave.

The new online service is Solomon – an accessible searchable repository of ‘Nuggets’, presentations, papers, demonstrations and quizzes to stimulate interest and meet current and future needs. It also offers practical guidance for lodges and chapters to plan and deliver learning materials. It will see its official launch at the Quarterly Communication of UGLE on 12th December.

Our Province recognise that Masonic learning is a key aspect of member development and is for everyone not just new members. As such, we want to encourage and support each member along his own personal journey into Freemasonry. Solomon complements our existing learning & development strategy and will be accessible either directly or through #PROGRESS, where it aligns with our other learning & development initiatives like the presentation team, the research group and library and the learning and development workshops. It should form a critical part of your individual masonic development plan.

These initiatives have all been developed alongside and are inter-twined with the Members’ Pathway and mentoring framework.

This week, lodges and chapters will be receiving information and guidance to help them encourage their members to engage with masonic learning and how to use Solomon. Why not contact your Secretary / Scribe E. and get involved in making that happen?

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