RMBI 2021 Festival Big Week

A “Big Week” of events, starting Monday 30 August 2021 for the RMBI 2021 Festival is going ahead subject to coronavirus restrictions. The aim is to reinvigorate social activities amongst our Brethren and Companions in the Province, whilst raising money for the 2021 Festival in the process.



What is the “Big Week”?

What is the “Big Week”?

It’s an event that will happen the week of Monday 30 August 2021.  It’s hoped that every Lodge in the Province will take part and organise at least one event, or a variety of activities, for their families and friends. The emphasis is on having fun whilst raising awareness, funds and encouraging inclusion and participation, all within a COVID-safe environment resulting from the vaccine rollout. All proceeds raised by individual Lodges will be added to their total donated to the Festival cause.

What’s expected from Lodges?

Lodges can pretty much put on any event or activity that they choose, examples include:

Sporting events, whether it is golf, bowling, go-karting, cycling or any other sporting activity can become a great fundraiser.

Masonic centre-based activities, such as casino nights, quizzes, indoor sports, black tie events, open days, fetes and fayres as examples can get excellent support, especially when promoted effectively.

How do Lodges’ take part?

For further details please contact W. Bro. Phil Osborne by calling 07774203170 or e-mail philip.n.osborne@nullgmail.com

It’s also possible to arrange an event before or after the date if it’s more convenient for individual Lodges and Masonic centres. Just please make sure that all donations are submitted by the 14 September 2021 to be included in the final Lodge totals.