A Request for Voluntary assistance with Provincial Administration

Dear Brethren,
I am seeking to enlarge our group of valued volunteers and provide further opportunities for Brethren of all ages and experience to participate in the well being of the Membership and in the administration of our Province.

You may possess computer orientated skills in word processing or spreadsheets or database work. Perhaps you enjoy speaking with people or sharing some of the skills you have built up in the various fields you work/have worked in. Are you in a position to offer some of your time to be involved in some exciting, specific projects that the Province will be engaging in over the next few years?

Do you have a little time to help with some of the work here in the Cardiff office? The innovation of the Internet has become more and more established for communications and the transfer of documents. I am determined to use this amazing tool to bring the important work of Provincial Office deeper into the lives of the Masonic Community, to be seen less as a remote operation in Cardiff.  In times past this centralisation was unavoidable because everything was done with paper, record cards and filing cabinets.  It was absolutely essential to have all this under one roof.  Today we have several Brethren who do some very important administration work from home.

Grand Lodge uses the Adelphi database, which provides Provinces with a highly efficient computer database system to manage the recording of all the data concerning individual Mason, our Lodges, and activities in Lodge, such as recording Masonic achievements.  The Provincial Office has installed and upgraded all the equipment for local use such as computers and back-up systems.  Today, a Brother doing some work on his personal computer at home is in direct communication with the Provincial Team and with the other volunteers working in their homes.  This co-operation and sharing of resources is cutting down our expenses considerably and reducing the time Brethren would have to spend travelling.

If you feel that you are able to offer some of your most valuable resource, “time”, to assist the Province, please communicate with me direct by registering your interest at: ProvGSec@nullsouthwalesmason.com

or by letter, addressed to:

D.G. Rowbottom,
Provincial Grand Secretary,
128 Newport Road,
CF24 1H

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