Provincial Grand Lodge 2017 Reports

Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

Download a pdf of the Provincial Grand Treasurer’s Report

Provincial Grand Registrar’s Report

Download a pdf of the Provincial Grand Registrar’s Report

Provincial Grand Almoner’s Report

Download a pdf of the Provincial Grand Almoner’s Report

Report of the Provincial General Purposes Committee

The Provincial General Purposes Committee, consequent to the Report of the Provincial Grand Treasurer, recommended that the annual dues payable to Provincial Grand Lodge remain at the level set last year; £13.00 (plus VAT) per subscribing member and that there be no change in any of the other charges made to Lodges.

The Provincial General Purposes Committee further recommended that the charge for the Provincial Year Book remain at £5.00 per copy and that they continue to be distributed on the basis of one copy for every two subscribing Lodge Members.

The Provincial General Purposes Committee recommended that the Year Book charges to other Orders and Degrees, remain at £18.00 (plus VAT) per page.

Provincial Membership Officer’s Report

Since Sky TV “Inside The Freemasons” television programme 17th April 2017, we have received 30 referrals; the age profile of these applicants range from between 21 to 47 years.

300 Initiates:
We have currently issued  266 new Initiate Certificates towards our Tercentenary target.

There have been 136 internet referrals since May 2016

  • 21 have not progressed
  • 16 referred to other Provinces
  • 34 initiated into Lodges across the Province
  • 19 awaiting initiation
  • 46 in development (form filling stage, awaiting interview by Lodge committee)

Provincial Grand Masters Address

Download a pdf of the PGM’s Address to Provincial Grand Lodge Committee: May 2017

2017 Appointments and Promotions

Download a pdf of the Invested Provincial Officers for 2017–18