Noah’s Ark Appeal

wet-gavel-smlBad news Brethren. Our Charity Travelling Gavel was stolen by kids on a cycle near Llandudno, Little Orme.  The Gavel has travelled from Penarth, all along Offa’s Dyke, and recently across the North Wales coastal path – many miles in many hands.
We intended to put it on a plinth and present it to the Children’s Hospital For Wales to be put on display, with the names of all Lodges who have walked engraved on it.   Alas, it has been stolen. We have alerted the North Wales local media, radio, press, and used social media, and posted pictures. I can’t begin to express my dismay at this selfish action, said Paul Haley, the Walk Organiser.

Brothers Alun Punter and Allun Jones of Services Lodge have reached Bangor and are right now heading to the Masonic Temple to see if they can borrow a Gavel. To donate, click on