Learning & development programme of events – May 2021

Now, Where Were We? A refresher for Fellowcraft
Monday 24 May, 7.30 pm (Online)

In this informative talk, the Provincial Grand Orator will be discussing the degree of life and education, and how the lessons of the First Degree are developed in the Second Degree. He’ll be going through the symbolism of the Second Degree ceremony, and providing a foundation for the onward masonic journey to the Third Degree

This 1 hour online (Zoom) event is open to all Fellowcraft Freemasons and Lodge Mentors.

Speaker: W.Bro. Merrick C. Jones, PAGPurs, ProvGOrator

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May Masonic Quiz Night
Friday 28 May, 7.30 pm (Online)

All Freemasons are invited to join in the fun with the May online Masonic Quiz Night from the South Wales Learning and Development team and expertly led by Quizmaster, W. Bro. Simon Bellhouse.

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And don’t forget that the Learning and Development team is always available to join physical and virtual Lodge (and Chapter) meetings to present talks, quizzes or discussions. To make a booking, Secretaries, Mentors or any Brother or Companion should contact the team by email: presentations@nullsouthwalesmason.com


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