Launching ‘PROGRESS’

Securing the future of Freemasonry isn’t just about finding new members; it’s also about developing our existing brethren. Our goal is to make masonic learning and career tools simpler to use so you can understand more about the Craft and its principles and tenets. This will not only help you enjoy your Freemasonry more by helping you perform your role better; but ultimately, in some small way through a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge, become a better Mason.

This means learning needs to become more mobile, more bite-sized and more digital. That’s why we’re launching “PROGRESS“, our new online learning and development portal.

PROGRESS” puts all your masonic career, training and development needs in one place. It’s simple to use and hosts our learning catalogue, personal development plans, research and oration schemes and much more.

From here you’ll be able to:

  • Watch a very special film entitled “Masonic Education: a Personal Perspective” which will give you an inspiring insight into how some of our Executive and Senior Officers view Masonic learning and development.
  • Access Solomon, the UGLE Improvement Delivery Group (IDG)’s in-development Virtual Learning System. This is planned for launch later this year.
  • Learn about the Provincial Oration Scheme and book a Lodge talk.
  • Learn about the Provincial Research Group and submit your own research.
  • Register for one of the Officers’ seminars being run this year.
  • Learn about the development of the Provincial Library being built in Porthcawl.
  • Build your own Masonic Development Plan to help you identify the skills and experience you need to achieve your daily advancement.
  • Understand Your Development Pathway, helping you advance your masonic knowledge and develop within the Province by recommending learning and experience as you transition through degrees and roles.
  • Link through to the Provincial Mentoring framework.
  • Read about other Masonic orders operative in the Province.
  • Access Masonic learning communities, both local and online.

Access to PROGRESS is easy – simply visit on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Make sure to take a look now to help with your development, and remember to check back regularly for updated content!

What are you waiting for? Check out PROGRESS, and start your daily advancement in Masonic knowledge today. And let us know what you think by submitting your feedback here.