Grand National Sweepstake in aid of 2021 Festival

The Grand National Sweepstake
Saturday 10th April 2021

Licensed and operated to comply with the Gaming Commission rules.

Missing your Lodge or Chapter, and possibly the raffle at the festive board?
Here’s your chance to bet on the winner of the greatest steeple chase race in the world.
This race will be followed on television by some 500 million people worldwide, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
Tickets are £5 each and every 40 tickets will be grouped together to form a separate draw.
Every ticket will have an equal chance of winning.

Each draw will pay separately and the winner will take away £40, the 2nd £10, and the 3rd £5.
The horses will be randomly selected by computer for each draw and the subscriber advised by email of his selection(s).
Multiple applications will be accepted from the subscriber with an option to spread his tickets over a number of different draws.
All tickets to be booked with the attached booking form and payment as detailed on the form.
All profits to go to support the 2021 Festival Fund.
Applications limited to Masonic Brethren.

Contact email:
Contact Mobile: 07860 440777 – Roger Jardine

The Process

  • Subscriber completes ticket booking form and sends it to our email address and makes the necessary money transfer to our account. *
  • Once payment has cleared, the punter is added to the booking sheet.
  • When the first sheet is filled with the forty punters names, a second sheet is started and once filled the exercise starts again.
  • We will offer to spread multiple entries over a number of different sheets if the Subscriber requires it.
  • Each of these sheets is treated as a separate draw and the sum raised by that sheet will provide the prizes of 1st – £40.00, 2nd – £10.00 and 3rd – £5.00 places. The remaining balance is to be contributed to the Festival Fund.
  • The random selection is applied to each booking sheet and the result is archived.
  • Each subscriber is advised by email as to his selection(s) and the results are to be as published in the “Mail on Sunday” on the 11th April.
  • Each winner is to advise us by email as to his claim within fourteen days of the event, after which his claim is forfeit to the benefit of the Festival Fund.
  • Each claim will be supported with the Claimant’s bank details in order that direct payment will be made into that account.

*NB Preferred payment method is by bank transfer; however, we will accept cheques posted to:

Event Co-ordinator
2 Lon-y-Rhyd
CF14 6JS

The cheque will be payable to “R A Jardine”.
The applicant’s house number and Post Code are required on the reverse of the cheque
All cheques have to clear before the application can be added to the draw.
The cut-off point will be the 7th April 2021.

Operated in accordance with Cardiff City Council license No. SL0270 in accordance with regulation 3(1)(a) of the Small Society Lotteries (Registration of Non-Commercial Societies Regulation 2007)

Download the Sweepstake Booking Form