The Future of Freemasonry

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As Freemasonry approaches its Tercentenary in 2017, the Membership Focus Group has been established to consider how best to attract, recruit and retain good men. In July, five members of the group met to discuss why the strategy for the future of Freemasonry in the Craft must be a collaborative exercise involving all its members.

‘In many areas around the country we’re attracting new members in good numbers, yet total membership is still going down. One of the aims of the MFG is to discover why and reverse the trend.’

‘We need to think about our image, and the MFG can be about offering a range of choices, perhaps saying that it’s fine if a lodge decides to wear jackets rather than full regalia.’

‘We’re listening to all our members, we want feedback, and before we come to any conclusions, we want to understand what the membership has to offer and what it can improve on.’

Read the article: Freemasonry Today – Autumn 2014 – page 37

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R.W.Bro Gareth Jones, OBE, our Provincial Grand Master is a member of the MFG and would like us all to register and share our thoughts and views.

During the next six months, the Membership Focus Group will be seeking the assistance of members by way of several short surveys. Many of the subjects on which we shall be seeking views are mentioned in this article.

If you wish to have your say and are willing to help, then please email your details as indicated below.

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