Feeding the Homeless

The Paradise Soup Run provides food to homeless and hungry people every night of the week between 8 and 9pm at the back of Marks and Spencer in Charles Street Cardiff. Individual groups take turns to work one night in a 28 day rota, providing, preparing and giving out the food come rain or shine. Since Christmas “Feed the Homeless” a Masonic initiative has taken a turn in the rota on a Monday night. Providing hot tea, coffee, soup, sandwiches, pies and cake. We believe this is an important demonstration on how Freemasonry works in the community by providing charity at a point of need.

Occasionally we are short handed due to holiday commitments of team members. We are seeking volunteers for this night. The work lasts ONE HOUR only and entails setting up the table, giving out the food and possibly clearing up afterwards. If you think you would like to join us and see how your Lodge contribution works, email W.Bro Terry Plenty who will tell you more.