Donation for Prostate Cancer Awareness

On October 14th the Freemasons of South Wales made a significant contribution to Prostate Cancer Awareness by making a donation of £1,000 to the Red Sock Campaign.  This campaign was started by Keith Cass, MBE.  He was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer in 2006 and given just a few years to live.  He started the Red Sock Campaign with Professor Mason of Velindre Hospital in Cardiff in order to raise awareness of this cancer in middle aged men.  Our Asst. PGM, W. Bro. Roger Richmond is pictured with Keith at a publicity/fundraising event at the Manor Park Hotel, Cardiff.


Keith is one of the “lucky ones”.  Normally men do not survive more that 18-24 months following diagnosis. He is a dynamic and resourceful man who is helping many others cope with this disease.  We wish him well.