Christmas Message from the Provincial Grand Master & Grand Superintendent – 2020

The below message from the Provincial Grand Master & Grand Superintendent
was sent on 21 December 2020

Brethren and Companions,

We greet you well and send you our very best wishes in these troubling and uncertain times. As we write, our meetings have once again been suspended due to a further lockdown in Wales and, as yet, we do not have a date when we can look forward to their recommencing. In these difficult circumstances and with many of our members facing their own personal challenges, it would be easy to be rather gloomy and downbeat in our Christmas message this year. However, while recognizing the seriousness of the situation for the world, the country and Freemasonry in general, we fervently hope that our members will join us in setting an optimistic tone as we look to 2021 and beyond.

Throughout the pandemic, Freemasons across South Wales have stepped up to the mark and shown what we as an organization can do to help our members, neighbours and communities; and we are sure that that will continue for as long as there is a need, regardless of whether we are meeting formally in our Lodges and Chapters.

There is no doubt that the Covid vaccine offers us all a bright light at the end of what has seemed a very long dark tunnel. Let us hope and pray that the coming months will see great progress on a programme of immunization which will result in a return to some normality and, with it, an opportunity to restart our meetings and social gatherings, both of which we all miss so very much. Make no mistake, brethren and companions, we will have a lot of catching up to do once we can return to our labours and that is a challenge we are sure we will all relish and meet with great enthusiasm.

2021 will be an important year for our Province as we come together to celebrate the end of our Festival on behalf of the RMBI. We both look forward to a happy conclusion to the hard work that has made that Festival such a success and we will say more about our final year’s activities in the New Year, as well as more information about the fabulous Gala event scheduled for November 2021.

In the meantime brethren and companions, we hope that you and your families will be able to make the best you possibly can of Christmas this year. May you and your loved ones enjoy the Christmas break and may the Great Architect keep you safe and well until we meet again.

God bless you all.

Gareth Jones, OBE
Provincial Grand Master
South Wales

D. Gerald Rowbottom
Grand Superintendent
South Wales