1,000 mile Walk for Charity

The Walk is going very well indeed and it is now on the South Wales coast so it is easy for you to join in. If you cannot join us, you could help raise money for the Noah’s Ark Appeal in other ways.  We have now raised £6,083 and need all your help to reach our target of £12,000  please.

Special meeting of the Masonic Benevolent Fund Court of Governors in Bridgend


At the special meeting of the Masonic Benevolent Fund Court of Governors in Bridgend Temple on July 11th, our Provincial Grand Master was pleased to present a cheque for £2500 to Melanie and Mike Davies, toward their commendable work in seeking to establish a world class centre for recovery and rehabilitation for all that need it, based at the Morriston Hospital site outside Swansea. The cheque brings the total donated by Freemasonry thus far to £7,000, from Provincial and Lodge fund raising. (more…)

Provincial Grand Master’s Address

Presented at Provincial Grand Lodge on 30th June 2014

Brethren, what a wonderful day we have enjoyed.

I must repeat my grateful thanks to our distinguished visitors whose advice and support I very much appreciate and for their helping to make today so special for the most important of you here, the brethren I have had the great pleasure of appointing and promoting in Provincial Grand Lodge.  It goes without saying that we all congratulate you on your preferment; and I remind you that with these new ranks come new responsibilities.  (more…)

Franciscan as Master

picEdwardYou probably know the membership of South Wales Clerics’ Lodge No 9298 is limited to clergy and ministers of religion. They meet three times a year in Port Talbot. But did you know they have a Franciscan in the Chair this year? W.Bro. Rev Edward Dowland-Owen is a member of the Third Order. Tertiaries live out their Franciscan vocation in the world, while committed to family responsibilities and engaged in the ordinary tasks of life. This is a most interesting Lodge to visit. Request times, dates and dining forms.

Freemasonry Today

Have you opened your copy of Freemsonry Today, which will have droped though your letter box this week? Do please slip the CD into your PC or DVD player. It is a really worthwhile eleven minutes of your time to watch the video. You’ll be impressed and want to pass it round friends to inspire others to join us.  Go on, do so now. Only 11 minutes!

Noah’s Ark Appeal

wet-gavel-smlBad news Brethren. Our Charity Travelling Gavel was stolen by kids on a cycle near Llandudno, Little Orme.  The Gavel has travelled from Penarth, all along Offa’s Dyke, and recently across the North Wales coastal path – many miles in many hands.
We intended to put it on a plinth and present it to the Children’s Hospital For Wales to be put on display, with the names of all Lodges who have walked engraved on it.   Alas, it has been stolen. We have alerted the North Wales local media, radio, press, and used social media, and posted pictures. I can’t begin to express my dismay at this selfish action, said Paul Haley, the Walk Organiser.

Brothers Alun Punter and Allun Jones of Services Lodge have reached Bangor and are right now heading to the Masonic Temple to see if they can borrow a Gavel. To donate, click on

WRU Referee

Bro. Alex Kwai Sin Yau has been promoted to WRU Referee status. Another first for Tudor Lodge No. 8886.