Joint Statement from the Royal Craft and Holy Royal Arch

Royal Craft

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master has reluctantly accepted the decision of V.W.Bro. H.E. Roy Woodward, PGSwdB to retire from the high office of Deputy Provincial Grand Master, with effect from 31st December 2018. Brother Woodward has served our Province with great distinction as our Deputy for over 5 years and at Executive level for many years before that, and his leadership and wise counsel will be greatly missed.

In consequence, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master will be pleased to appoint W.Bro. William E. Jenkins, PSGD to succeed Brother Woodward as Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master Designate will be appointed and invested at the regular meeting of Hendre Lodge No. 3250 in Cardiff Masonic Hall on Thursday, 24th January 2019.

Holy Royal Arch

Following the Deputy Grand Superintendent’s appointment as Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is pleased to announce that E.Comp. C. Hugh Thomas, OStJ, PGStB, Third Provincial Grand Principal will succeed Companion Jenkins in that high office. E.Comp. Phillip A. Aubrey, PGStB, ProvGSE will succeed Companion Thomas as Third Provincial Grand Principal.

The Deputy Grand Superintendent Designate and Third Provincial Grand Principal Designate will be appointed and invested by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at the regular meeting of Lord Swansea Chapter No. 8364 in Swansea Masonic Hall on Friday, 8th February 2019.


As a result of Companion Aubrey’s appointment to the Royal Arch Executive, the Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent have decided to appoint W.Bro. and E.Comp. Ben Gait ProvAGSec/PPrAGSE to the roles of Provincial Grand Secretary and Provincial Grand Scribe E. Brother Gait will be appointed to the former role at Hendre Lodge and to the latter at Lord Swansea Chapter.

Gareth Jones, OBE
RW Provincial Grand Master

D Gerald Rowbottom
ME Grand Superintendent

Given at Swansea; Friday, 30th November AD2018 AL6018

Solomon – Your Journey of Masonic Learning and Development

In the Autumn edition of Freemasonry Today, Assistant Grand Master and Chairman of the Improvement Delivery Group Sir David Wooton explained how a new online service will allow members to access the learning resources necessary to enjoy Freemasonry to the full. The requirement to learn ritual by rote and then present it without any attempt at providing the most basic of context and understanding fails the candidate, because it overlooks the important messages that lie within. Member surveys have also highlighted learning as a major unmet need and a potential reason why members leave.

The new online service is Solomon – an accessible searchable repository of ‘Nuggets’, presentations, papers, demonstrations and quizzes to stimulate interest and meet current and future needs. It also offers practical guidance for lodges and chapters to plan and deliver learning materials. It will see its official launch at the Quarterly Communication of UGLE on 12th December.


Statement from Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter

Monday 26th November 2018 – Vanessa Holt to retire as Private Secretary

Today, Ms Vanessa Holt met with the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, to inform that she will be retiring on 31st December 2018, after having served the Province loyally for some 27 years.

“Vanessa’s vast experience and expertise has served this Province without interruption since 1991 – and her support and advice for Provincial Grand Secretaries together with the past and current Executive has been unswerving. We know her calm and good-humoured presence will be sorely missed by us all, particularly by the Executive, Secretariat and active Provincial Officers. We are sure that the whole Province will wish to join us in wishing Vanessa a long, healthy and happy retirement.”

Gareth Jones, OBE
RW Provincial Grand Master

D Gerald Rowbottom
ME Grand Superintendent

Should Brethren wish to offer their good wishes to Vanessa, she can be contacted via the Provincial Office address or

Announcing Two Significant MBF Grants

The Chairman of the South Wales Masonic Benevolent Fund (MBF) is delighted to announce two significant grants in pursuance of the Fund’s principal aim of providing assistance to aged and infirm brethren in the Province of South Wales.

Grant 1: £52,000 to provide disabled facilities at Penarth Masonic Hall; specifically, a lift to allow easy access to the first floor temple and changing rooms as well as disabled toilet facilities.

Grant 2: £75,000 to provide several lifts for Swansea Masonic Hall to allow brethren of all ages and physical abilities to access every level of the building from the entrance to the main temples.

The Chairman, V W Bro Andrew Gretton PGSwdB, said: “These grants, which fall squarely within the objects of the MBF, will make a huge difference to our brethren who, for reasons of age, infirmity or disability, find it difficult to attend Swansea or Penarth meetings. Brethren in both centres have been working hard to improve facilities for local members and I hope that, in providing this money, the MBF will be helping those efforts and making a real difference for brethren now and in the future.”

In making his announcement, V W Bro Gretton was keen to emphasise that the MBF would be willing to consider further applications from other Masonic centres which could clearly demonstrate that a grant would make a positive contribution to the comfort and enjoyment of aged and disabled brethren.

The Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Gareth Jones, said: “This is a major step forward for the MBF and I am most grateful to the Chairman and his hard working committee for their foresight in realising that, in addition to the excellent work the Fund does for others, our own brethren need assistance too. These grants will make a tremendous difference to many brethren who find it difficult to attend their lodges. In recognising that we are all getting older and living longer, I am sure they will also make a difference for many of us for many years to come.”

Special Meeting at Cardiff Masonic Hall, Thursday 6th December

A message from W.Bro. Alan Gardener, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.


In my role as Assistant Provincial Grand Master I have been asked, when needed, to assist any or all of the Masonic Hall Companies in our Province and see where we can exchange ideas and spread best practice. Therefore, I cordially invite all Masters, First Principals, Lodge Liaison Officers and Dining Stewards to attend a meeting that I will
Chair, in conjunction with the Directors of the CMHCL, with regard to the Cardiff Masonic Hall Company and its future.

Let me state at this point that I do not have a magic wand, and we will all need to continue to work together if we wish to be successful and improve our facilities and make The Cardiff Masonic Hall financially sustainable.

This meeting is open for all Lodges, Chapters and all side degrees which meet at the CMHC. As you all are aware, the (CMHCL) has been going through a transitional period over the last Eighteen months and I feel that now is the time to reflect on what progress has been made.

To help us succeed in aim we will require the assistance, cooperation and support of all brethren in order that we achieve a Masonic Hall that we all are proud to be associated with. More importantly, one where we look forward to attending our meetings and enjoying the food and beverages within comfortable surroundings and a venue that we would be pleased to bring our partners, wives and friends.

Having spoken to many of the brethren, and more importantly listened to them over the last few months, I feel that I have a general understanding of where we are, and more importantly where you feel we should be, especially within the next Twelve / Eighteen months. I am sure you do not need me to remind you that we are all Masonic brethren and shareholders in the company, and we all need to work together, if we are to be

I would welcome your attendance and your positive comments, if there are any questions which you would like me to address those, which are not covered in the agenda, please forward them to me before the 1st December and if time permits on the evening, and if I have sufficient knowledge of your question, I will hopefully supply you with a suitable reply. Could you please inform me before the 1st December 2018, regarding who from your Lodge / Chapter etc., will be attending this meeting.

Yours sincerely and fraternally
Alan Gardener
W.Bro. Alan Gardener PSGD APGM

Download a pdf of the CMHC Special Meeting Agenda and Reply Slip

Please advise Hannah Law at Cardiff Masonic Hall that you are able to attend by completing and returning the reply slip to:
or by telephone on 02920 396576 – office hours 10.30am to 3.30pm

Blue Plaque to Commemorate History of Freemasonry within Bargoed

A Blue Plaque has been unveiled in Bargoed to commemorate the involvement of Freemasonry in the community.

Ken Verlander (pictured right) of Gelligaer Lodge was invited to join the South Wales Assistant Provincial Grand Master Marc Lewis (pictured left) in the task of unveiling the Blue Plaque.

The plaque proudly shows that freemasonry has been a part of the local community for 72 years, since 1946.

The Gelligaer Lodge was established in May 1946 and meets on the second Monday from September to June. Ystrad Mynach Lodge has also been meeting in Cardiff Road, Bargoed since February 1974, on the fourth Wednesday of September, November , January, March and May. Both lodges are very active and raise significant monies for local charities.

Marc Lewis said, “The Blue Plaque will be a constant reminder to us of our heritage and our future. We are very proud of the role we play in our local community and in providing charitable assistance where we can. We welcome any enquiries from the public and from anyone interested in becoming a Freemason.”

South Wales Freemasons have been celebrating the Tercentenary 300 years of Freemasonry within the United Grand Lodge of England, and are affixing Blue Plaques to many of its’ Masonic Halls across South Wales. Early records exist of Freemasonry within the current South Wales region being established in Cardiff & Cowbridge in 1754.

Latest grant to Wales Air Ambulance from South Wales Freemason

The latest grant to Wales Air Ambulance from South Wales Freemasons brings total UK donations to £2.3 million.

A grant of £4,000 to the Wales Air Ambulance from South Wales Freemasons has brought the total Masonic support given to air ambulances across the country to £2.3 million since 2007.

The Air Ambulance operates right across South Wales and has made many life saving flights so far this year, transporting seriously injured people to hospital and treating patients on the ground.

The grant, which comes through the Masonic Charitable Foundation, is funded by Freemasons and their families from across England and Wales.

During 2018, Freemasons from around the country will be presenting 20 regional air ambulances with grants totalling £192,000.

Steffan Anderson-Thomas at Wales Air Ambulance said:

“We are very grateful to South Wales Freemasons for their continuing generosity. Without support like this the Wales Air Ambulance would not be able to carry on flying and our life-saving work could not continue.”

Roy Woodward, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of South Wales Freemasons said:

“We are proud to be able to support the Wales Air Ambulance. Thanks to the tireless efforts of their doctors and aircrew, many lives of local people are saved every year.”

Roy Woodward, accompanied by South Wales Freemasons Charity Steward Robert Payne, presented the cheque to Steffan Anderson-Thomas of Wales Air Ambulance, at a recent visit to their Llanelli air base.

Wales Air Ambulance relies entirely on charitable grants and donations. To make a donation, visit