Appointments to and Promotions in Craft Grand Rank 2022

The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master is pleased to share the names of those Brethren in our Province who have accepted Appointment, Reappointment or Promotion in Craft Grand Rank. Their new ranks will take effect on Wednesday 27th April 2022.


R.W.Bro. Sir Paul M. Williams, OBE, DL, PJGW – as DepPresMCF


W.Bro. The Rev. Canon D. Huw E. Mosford, PSGD – Promoted to DepGChap
W.Bro. Ryland L. James, PSGD – Promoted to PGSwdB
W.Bro. Peter Jones, PJGD – Promoted to PGSwdB
W.Bro. Christopher M.L. Davies, PAGDC– Promoted to PSGD
W.Bro. Michael V. Eckley, PAGDC– Promoted to PSGD
W.Bro. Charles W. McBride, PAGDC– Promoted to PJGD
W.Bro. Paul Kelvin-Smith, PGStB– Promoted to PAGReg

In consequence of their Promotions; Brothers James and Jones will be accorded the prefix Very Worshipful. Brothers James and Eckley are the Deputy and Assistant Provincial Grand Masters respectively of the Province of West Wales and are members of Lodges of this Province.

First Appointments

W.Bro. Paul C. Bunyan – Appointed to PAGDC
W.Bro. Julian T.L. Rees – Appointed to PAGDC
W.Bro. Terence J. Scarfe – Appointed to PAGSwdB
W.Bro. Peter J. Williams – Appointed to PGStB