Announcing Two Significant MBF Grants

The Chairman of the South Wales Masonic Benevolent Fund (MBF) is delighted to announce two significant grants in pursuance of the Fund’s principal aim of providing assistance to aged and infirm brethren in the Province of South Wales.

Grant 1: £52,000 to provide disabled facilities at Penarth Masonic Hall; specifically, a lift to allow easy access to the first floor temple and changing rooms as well as disabled toilet facilities.

Grant 2: £75,000 to provide several lifts for Swansea Masonic Hall to allow brethren of all ages and physical abilities to access every level of the building from the entrance to the main temples.

The Chairman, V W Bro Andrew Gretton PGSwdB, said: “These grants, which fall squarely within the objects of the MBF, will make a huge difference to our brethren who, for reasons of age, infirmity or disability, find it difficult to attend Swansea or Penarth meetings. Brethren in both centres have been working hard to improve facilities for local members and I hope that, in providing this money, the MBF will be helping those efforts and making a real difference for brethren now and in the future.”

In making his announcement, V W Bro Gretton was keen to emphasise that the MBF would be willing to consider further applications from other Masonic centres which could clearly demonstrate that a grant would make a positive contribution to the comfort and enjoyment of aged and disabled brethren.

The Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Gareth Jones, said: “This is a major step forward for the MBF and I am most grateful to the Chairman and his hard working committee for their foresight in realising that, in addition to the excellent work the Fund does for others, our own brethren need assistance too. These grants will make a tremendous difference to many brethren who find it difficult to attend their lodges. In recognising that we are all getting older and living longer, I am sure they will also make a difference for many of us for many years to come.”