A new year and another big success

Another year, another lockdown and more challenges confront us all – none more so than those faced by many less fortunate than ourselves.

Notwithstanding the absence of meetings for some 9 months due to Covid 19, the Brethren of Breaksea Lodge No.8358 have been ever more focussed on Festival fund raising.

The ruling Master WBro. Jason Agostini – Green may have been unable to conduct any ceremonies but he and his Charity Steward WBro. Colin Manning have been hard at work in making sure every member has the opportunity of and is encouraged in engaging in regular charitable giving.

Not a month seems to pass when they are not chivvying and cajoling brethren to sign up to a new RPP or to extend their current one.

WBro. Jason takes up the story “We may not be able to practice the ritual but we can bring alive our obligation to help others in need”. He went on “Regular contact through a combination of phone calls, text messaging and zoom meetings seems to have done the trick with more and more brethren joining together to commit what they can each month”.

The Lodge Charity Steward, WBro. Colin Manning, who celebrates 30 years as a mason next month added “It’s never easy asking brethren for money at the best of times but just making the contact and positioning what we are trying to achieve has tweaked the heart strings of so many. So much so that we have as a Lodge now secured a GOLD award. It just goes to show what can be done when you ask in the right way”.

Breaksea’s success is all about teamwork and focus on a wonderful cause and WBro. Colin can be seen receiving the certificate in the post – unfortunately Santa was tied up before Christmas otherwise he would have done it himself.