A chance to witness Taylor’s working in Cardiff in a special evening at Tudor Lodge

Freemasons don’t often have the chance to witness a different ceremony in Cardiff, so the Brethren of Tudor Lodge 8886 are hoping many will join them on Tuesday 28 January 2020, where they will be initiating two candidates of the Muslim faith.

However, that’s not really the unusual feature of the evening – the ceremonial is quite different. Tudor Lodge 8886 is the only Lodge in the Province, and quite probably in the Principality, that adheres strictly to Taylor’s working of the craft ritual.

“We not only follow the words precisely, but the floor work is quite different too, making for a sincere and exceptional initiation ceremony. The Koran is the Holy Book for Muslims, and you will see the respect with which it is handled. There will also be a Bible present as usual in our Lodge, and members of many different faiths – Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Jewish – have already booked into attend the evening”, says the WM, Stephen J. Tomaszewski.

“Join us and take away a truly exceptional memory of  brotherly love. If you’d like to come as a visitor to Tudor Lodge, please book in online or contact us. We would very much hope too that you will remain for the festive board, again with a difference”, he added.

Since 1979, Tudor Lodge has invited ladies to join to the members and visitors at festive board, and will do so again on 28 January 2020. Ladies, and non-freemason visitors, should arrive at Cardiff Masonic Hall at 7:30 pm for a drinks reception.

Please book yourself in on the form here, or contact the WM, Stephen J. Tomaszewski directly: tudorlodge8886@nullgmail.com