Provincial Grand Almoner – W. Bro. Phil Bevan

The role of the Almoner is to provide pastoral care to our members and their families and Lodge widows who are in distress and experiencing difficulties.

W. Bro. Phil Bevan has been the Provincial Grand Almoner since June 2018. Previously he’d been a Petitions Application Officer for the Province, which Phil feels prepared him for the Provincial Grand Almoner role.

Phil describes the role and experiences: “I learn something new almost every day and despite similarities in circumstances, every interaction by phone, email, text or face to face is different and for many reasons, I find this to be most rewarding. Occasionally it can be problem solving on a considerable scale yet what drives me is the determination to help and in such a way that really makes a difference.
Circumstances that I’ve encountered over the past couple of years range from the most tragic to the most uplifting. You cannot help feeling a deep sense of honour that you have been allowed to engage in so many lives trying to alleviate their troubles.”

Providing support when needed

Phil is encouraged by the fact that Brethren and their families are not afraid to contact him during their time of need, as he views this as a growing confidence and expectation of help being available. He says that this also extends to support for those needing residential care, as there is quite a lot of misunderstanding of individuals’ ‘entitlement’ to supporting the cost.

Lodge Almoners

Phil is keen to hear from Brethren and Companions who have an interest in becoming Lodge and Chapter Almoners.
He says, “I will be delighted to work with them to prepare them for the role. You would expect me to say that the Almoner is one of the most important officers in the Lodge/Chapter – it’s true. Carried out with the correct attitude, aptitude and skills, it is so incredibly rewarding.
Finally, I express my gratitude to those Almoners who constantly carry out sterling work. Often the unsung heroes but no less important!”

Further information and contact

A booklet entitled The Guide to the Lodge Almoner can be downloaded free of charge from the MCF website.

Contact the Provincial Grand Almoner

The Provincial Grand Almoner can be contacted by emailing