Teddies for Loving Care Appeal


We raise funds for the supply of cuddly toys to A&E Units for children in severe distress

  • Our simple objective is for Freemasons to provide teddies to A&E hospitals
  • To enable the Medical Staff to give to children who are in severe distress, at their discretion
  • Staff feel that a Teddy to cuddle will help alleviate that distress
  • And assist Medial Staff in their urgent work
  • The Children keep the Bear forever as their best friend and so Teddy gets a new home.
  • In terms of funding – In South Wales, we believe that we will need to donate approximately 20,000 bears per year to the hospitals at an annual cost of approximately £25,000.

Latest News

TLC Launch at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital

TLC-Launch-Noahs-ArcTeddies to help 20,000 children & their families in South Wales

A special launch event for the South Wales Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) initiative took place on Friday, September 23, at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales.


TLC Launch Event 24th September 2016

The South Wales TLC Appeal Scheme is being launched at Sure and Stedfast Lodge 8991 on Saturday 24th September 2016 at Cardiff Masonic Hall, with a presentation by TLC Appeal Founder & Chairman Ian Simpson. The lodge opens at 10.15am. Luncheon can be booked by contacting the Secretary Colin Grey email: sales@nulllodgeandchapter.com (more…)