2021 Festival Lottery


lottery-info-pack-vsmlLottery Information Pack

Download a copy of the 2021 Lottery Information pack

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Festival Lottery Stationery Supplies

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2021 Festival Lottery Background

At a special meeting hosted by Indefatigable Lodge in Swansea on the 14th September 2015, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. H. E. Roy Woodward and 2021 Festival Chairman, W.Bro Sir Paul Williams OBE, DL, KStJ, PJGD launched the 2021 Festival Lottery. W.Bro Mahmood Poptani presented the following synopsis of the Provincial Lottery in support of the 2021 Festival:

Legal basis:

  • The 2021 Festival Lottery is registered by Cardiff Council under the Small Society Lotteries (schedule 11 of the Gambling Act 2005). A certificate was issued to Masonic Province of South Wales on 19th March 2015 by Cardiff Council. The registration number is 0523.
  • The lottery will run and be administered by the Festival Lottery Administrator under the supervision of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.


  • The object is to pick 4 numbers out of 24.


  • The odds of winning this lottery at 4/24 is 10,626 to 1
  • For your information:
    4/33 is 40,920 to 1 (as a comparison)
    6/59 is 45,057,474 to 1 (National Lottery)
    5/50 & 2/11 is 116,531,800 to 1 (Euro Millions)

Price & Prize:

  • Each lottery ticket will sell for £1 with 50% of the proceeds going into the prize fund and 50% to the 2021 Festival after taking modest expenses for printing into account. Each lodge can sell the lottery tickets to their members, visitors and also, non-masons. The contribution (i.e. the 50%) of the lottery ticket sales will be counted towards the lodge’s festival contribution.
  • The lottery will be launched with the prize of £1,000, and the maximum pay-out will be £20,000.
  • It will be monthly draw and if there is no winner the prize money will rollover.

How to play the lottery:

  • Select 4 numbers out of 24 by crossing the number or circling it.
  • Fill in your name and telephone number.
  • Fill in the Date of Purchase, your ticket will be entered into the following months draw unless otherwise stated on the ticket.
  • Retain the top copy for yourself, handing the remaining two copies to the Lottery Steward. (Make sure you read the rules on the ticket).
  • You will be able to buy tickets for the draws in advance – your Lottery steward will assist you in this.


  • The draw must take place by the end of the following month.
  • The draw must take place with at least seven persons present. It is expected that the draw will mainly take place at a festive board of a nominated lodge. The First Draw – for the tickets purchased in September 2015 – will take place on Friday 16th October 2015 at the Lodge of Benevolence.
  • The winning numbers will be displayed at each masonic hall and also published on the Provincial Website.

Claim and payment to the winner:

  • Please keep your tickets, examine and claim as soon as possible…
    We would love to see a winner
  • Anonymity will be given to the winner if requested.

Audit & Inspection:

  • There are Audit and Inspection procedures in place.
  • Full rules will be published on the Provincial Website and the lodge Charity Steward / Lottery Steward will also be given a printed copy.


If 150 Lodges participated each month selling an average of 25 tickets:

  • 150 x 25 x 12 x 6 = £270,000
  • 50% to Festival = £135,000 and credit to your lodges for Bronze; Silver; Gold Medals
  • 50% to Prizes = £135,000

In other words Brethren: Players are winners; The Lodges are winners; and most of all Masonic Charities are the winners.


Download a copy of the 2021 Lottery Information pack

Thanks to the Swansea Sub Committee especially to Bro Derryl Rees, W.Bro Paul Bunyan and the rest of the committee W.Bro Phil Osborne, W.Bro Simon Francis, Bro David Matthews and W.Bro Matthew Simms.